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I am currently developing the services on offer. Testimonials and CV available on request. Please contact me with any ideas or requests via email:


A combination of personal and professional experience is used to help health and social care organisations consider how to improve practice and services.

Creative wellbeing sessions

Bespoke live or virtual sessions using creative methods (art, sewing, writing) to improve staff morale, wellbeing and emotional regulation.

Practice educator

Social work practice educator and guest lecturer.


Live or virtual keynote to conferences and big events, plus talks to small groups., on topics relating to He Died Waiting, social work, or mental health, values-based practice.

Workshops and courses

Live or virtual delivery of bespoke or generic workshops and courses. Please see 'courses' tab for more details.


Writes on: social work/mental health practice (values, knowledge, skills, and behaviours); critical analysis/reporting from a carer's perspective; and creative life narratives (supporting others to tell their stories).

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