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A set of 16 postcards on the theme of bereavement, each with a different inspirational or challenging quote from He Died Waiting: Learning the lessons - a bereaved mother's view of mental health services by Caroline Aldridge.


These are printed on high quality card. There are 16 different thought-provoking or inspirational quotes in each set. The postcards make excellent discussion starters on the themes of grief, loss and bereavement. They are great for use by health and social care  educators, students, asnd practitioners across health and social care. Counsellors and people who are supporting bereaved people will find them useful too. There is a space on the back for writing a pledge (actions to nurture and protect the mental health of others). These can be posted on social media to raise awareness. 


These make a perfect gift for anyone with an interest in bereavement.


If you want multiple packs for use with students or people who use services, please do not buy through this 'shop' but contact me directly to organise a discount and delivery options.

Bereavement postcards (pack of 16 quotes)

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