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He Died Waiting: Learning the lessons - a bereaved mother's view of mental health services by Caroline Aldridge. ISBN:978-1-8382420-0-8


Caroline's eldest son, Tim, had bipolar disorder. The mental health services he encountered were chaotic, inaccessible, and unsafe. Tim never seemed to be the right kind of ill to get the help he needed. Like many other people with mental illness, he joined an endless waiting list. He died waiting for an appointment.


Caroline was thrust into the incomprehensible and brutal procedures that follow an 'unexpected death'. The collision of her professional and personal life led to consequences beyond anything she could have imagined. She encountered a cruel, system-wide, culture of denial and defensiveness.


Nevertheless, this is a positive narrative about the power of integrity, relationships, compassion, and love. Tim's story illustrates the impact of the current crisis in mental health services and the empty rhetoric of commitments to 'learn lessons' when things go wrong. Caroline's book is a plea, for policymakers, organisations, professionals, and the public, to exercise decency, challenge unsafe or unkind practice, support people in distress, and push for improved services.


This is Caroline's first book.  The list price is £22.99.


If the book is for a gift please message me and I can provide a message on a postcard.


Foreword by Sara Ryan. 


Published (2020) by Learning Social Worker Publications (Norwich).

Book: He Died Waiting by Caroline Aldridge

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