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This 3 minute Powerpoint is a resource to support the book They Died Waiting: The Crisis in Mental Health - Stories of Loss and stories of Hope by Caroline Aldridge and Emma Corlett. It is set to the song 'Waiting for the Sun' by Sam Gomm. Sam died waiting for the right support he needed for his mental health.


It is an automated powerpoint that rembers the lives that have been lost. The contributors are happy for this to be used by individuals or played for the purposes of learning.


The copyright to Sam's music is owned by his father, Ian Gomm. Please check out Sam's music on YouTube. Or, by the book and find out more about him.


All the revenue from sales of this powerpoint will be shared between the different charitable projects contributors to They Died Waiting are involved in.


Please contact if you are interested in any workshops or resources to support the book being used for learning.

They Died Waiting Remembering Our Loved Ones automated PowerPoint

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