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The Values-Based Learning Activity Pack contains 16 postcards with quotes from He Died Waiting and an instruction booklet in a wallet. Perfect for educators and mentors or practitioners and students interested in values-based practice in social work or mental health.


The book, He Died Waiting: Learning the lessons - a bereaved mother's view of mental health services, by Caroline Aldridge (2020), and the postcards with quotes from it, can be used many ways to help students, practitioners, and leaders to develop reflexivity, empathy, and values-based practice.


For each postcard, which has a theme, there are some suggested prompt questions. To assist practice educators and mentors, and newly qualified social workers or nurses, it is indicated where the activities might provide evidence for social work's Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) and the Nursing and Midwifery Council's (NMC) Code.


The booklet includes tips for practice educators about how to structure sessions, maintain emotional safety, incorporate theory, extension activities, explore ethical dilemmas, and support reflexivity. The pack can be used by practitioners or students as a self-reflection tool. 


This postcard activity pack provides materials for 16, 50 minute- 1 hour, workshops or multiple 10 -15 minute starter or plenary activities. The values-based questions are perfect for students and practitioners across health and social care. These resources can be adapted for use in 1:1 supervisions, groups, or other audiences. 


Extra packs of postcards are available.


Contents: 16 postcards and 32 page instruction booklet.

Please note: Wallet colour may vary.


My thanks to Claire Skilleter, Practice Education Lead, for her inspiration and input into the postcard activities. 





Values-Based Learning Activity Pack

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